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About Rossopomodoro

Fresh from the glittering bay of Naples; Rossopomodoro brings the authentic taste of southern Italy to Denmark. Our pizza is a celebration of our local history and culture, and we are proud to share some of the finest ingredients and pizza chefs that our region has to offer. For genuine, irresistible Italian cuisine. 

In Napoli - the birthplace and motherland of pizza - great food is at the very heart of city-life. Rossopomodoro devotes itself to recreating the same, arresting Italian experience; selecting the very best of Neapolitan local produce for the most authentic pizza outside of Italy today.

Plucked from the fertile lands that surround the legendary Mount Vesuvius, we import the majority of our ingredients from Naples for good reason. The rich volcanic earth and beaming Mediterranean sun provide the perfect landscape for magnificent, world-renowned produce. Our name - Red Tomato - embodies this passion for the fruits of our home soil. We source only the greatest local products to give our pizzas their genuine Neapolitan taste.


Our menu offers traditional local cuisine but with a premium, contemporary edge. Neapolitan street food sits alongside hand-made gourmet pasta; seasonal pizzas break the mould with unconventional and mouthwatering toppings. However, nothing quite beats an iconic Margherita for simple deliciousness - made from the zestiest tomato, creamy mozzarella, and drizzled with the best golden olive oil. And don't forget our 24-hour matured dough that gives the lightest crunch.

Our friendly staff (many from Naples or Italy themselves) bring the buzz of piazza life to each of our branches. Open-faced kitchens and grand, exposed stone ovens lend the energy of a bustling pizzeria Italiana, whilst open and airy interiors provide an atmosphere to relax and indulge.

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