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99 DKK only for our Top notch classics in Rossopomodoro Fisketorvet

🍕🍝🥗 Unleash your lunchtime happiness at Rossopomodoro Fisketorvet! 🌟

Wave goodbye to boring sandwiches and dive into a world of gourmet delight that won't break the bank! For just 99DKK, treat yourself to our top-notch classics: Margherita pizza, creamy carbonara pasta, or a fresh and flavorful vegan salad.

Savor the first-class flavors that keep you coming back for more every day! Don't settle for mediocre lunches – come experience the difference at Rossopomodoro Fisketorvet! 🌟🍽️✨ #LunchGoals #GourmetDelight #RossopomodoroFisketorvet

T&C: Valid in Rossopomodoro Fisketorvet only. Monday to Friday 11 to 17


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